Jessica Foxley Unsigned

at The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival

We will be inviting four outstanding but as yet unsigned young acts to perform on the two main stages at The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival in Colne, Lancashire in August 2018.

How to Apply

There is no entry fee, just a simple online application form which must be completed in order to be considered. Applicants need to submit links to a sound recording and a video of their act performing at least one song live, all via the online form. Solo artists, or the lead musicians in bands, must be young and based in the UK. Our focus is on supporting musicians up to the age of about 25.

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Deadline for applications: 21st January 2018


We are delighted to be working with Colne Town Council, the organisers of the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, on our 2018 Jessica Foxley Unsigned project.

"There will be no more "heritage acts", only contemporary performers, as the desire of Colne Town Council and current festival management is to make this festival the most important and relevant in Europe; the one that all others will look to for "what's hot" before doing their own booking. A trade fair for the current exemplars of the genre really. Unlike most large venue-based events that are hosted by cities, London, Cork and Edinburgh for example, holding the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival in a northern mill town gives it its own unique and unbeatable character. We have no need to "compete" as we are already better by design.

Whilst this is technically a Blues festival, there will always be members of the Blues Police saying "but this isn't proper Blues" about one act or another, so the fact that Blues music is the historical foundation for almost all western popular music - nearly all genres are its children or grandchildren - needs to be kept front and centre of the story. After all, part of our remit is to keep the genre alive by bringing in new blood, both as audiences and as performers.

The Jessica Foxley Unsigned project, focussing as it does on nurturing young and emerging Blues-based talent, in many ways symbolises much of our new direction. Our mission of bringing new life and blood, new acts and audiences into this key genre, must span all levels of experience, technical ability and all age groups to be truly successful. This is where Colne can truly create its legacy."

Festival Director Jason Elliott